Tiny Homes – Interior Design

Art Feature and How To’s

The art is truly the icing on these adorable tiny homes. Before I got knee deep into this project I felt like I was going to be able to approach it from 2 directions: One being extremely literal but I was afraid it would come across cheesy, and two treating these characters as if they were my clients. I love to sprinkle bits and pieces of authentic touches through-out my clients homes that are true to their core but not over the top. With that said I love where we landed, and like many projects we ended up customizing the vast majority of everything included below.


1. Paddle with hooks | World Market

*I painted 2 of the 3 custom to match the respective color palettes. I just taped off the mint color you see on the paddle and painted it Red for Yogi and Blue for Boo Boo.

2. Boo Boo…Framed Bow Ties (set of 4) | Target Dollar Spot (Bowties) | IKEA (White Ribba Frames) | Colored Canson Paper

2. Cindy…Framed Bows (set of 4) | Target Cat and Jack Hair Clips (Bows) | IKEA (White Ribba Frames) | Colored Canson Paper

2. Yogi…Framed Patches (set of 4) | Ebay (Patches) | IKEA (Black Ribba Frames) | Colored Canson Paper

*These bow ties for Boo Boo were the perfect size I was hunting for and only $3. I LOVE the Dollar Spot! They were actually clip on bow ties for children, but the clip just slipped right off and I was able to glue them directly onto the colored backdrop paper. Same goes for Cindy these adorable sequined hair clips were in the little girls section and I just removed the clip portion. The patches were just adhered directly to the canson paper with hot glue.

3. & 5. Set of 2 Art Prints and Color Art Print | Custom made by local Kansas City hand lettering artist Alyissa J. | IKEA ( Black or White Ribba Frames 16″x20″)

*She sent me the digital files and I had them printed at a local print shop. Alyissa is the best to work with and always delivers amazing one of a kind pieces. Seriously the BEST!

4. Wall Clock | Target

5. See # 3.

6. Wall Baskets | Factory Direct Craft

*I initially had no idea how I was going to use these, and they ended up being one of my favorite little accessories. I placed one in the gallery wall with vintage “Yogi Bear” Little Golden Books from Etsy and Twig pencils from World Market. I also added them in the bathroom to store towels rolled up in, because it is such a tiny space there wasn’t much room for a towel bar.

7. Pennants | Custom made by local Kansas City hand lettering artist Alyissa J.

*Alyissa hand lettered the editorial portion and we had the felt (from Joann’s) laser cut into 2 sections (the background color and lettering color) and then we glued and assembled them from there.

8. Laser Cut Quotes/Phrases | Custom hand lettering by local Kansas City hand lettering artist Alyissa J.

*We sent Alyissa’s hand lettering off to a laser cutter in KC and he cut them out of MDF board. Once onsite I drilled holes in the top 2 corners and fished some sisal rope through it and knotted the ends.

An item I forgot to show on the design boards were these super cute globes we customized for each home. They were found at Joanns and they are buy the gals at OneCanoeTwo. And inspired by the bad a** hand painted globes they made a few years ago.

If I missed anything please let me know or if you have more questions on how we crafted something just leave me a comment below!