The Benefits of Staging

An afternoon with the KCHBA

By now everyone knows what staging a home is and has probably read a few articles about it!

Designer Kristin Rieke

I recently spoke on a panel at the KC HBA with other local designers about the topic of staging and why it really does make a difference. For builders this can be an extremely useful tool because it brings your home to life and helps the potential buyers visualize their belongings in the home. (Think of it as a virtual floor plan of what it could be).

Make your buyers feel SAFE!

In a good way…SURPRISE them, go all out in an important room (Great Room, Dining, Master Bedroom). Really “Do it Up” and make a statement!

Make them feel AFFECTIONATE about your home. Incorporate certain pieces that make it feel personal and have feeling. For example fresh flowers in the kitchen, photo frames with real people in them, bowls of candy on the coffee table. These items are personal triggers that will grab a spot in their memory that make them remember your house and connect with it emotionally.

When they walk in your house you want your home to have a FEEL GOOD FACTOR. Think of Midwest Express Airlines..The homemade chocolate chip cookies and large leather chairs made travelers feel like they were at home!. How can this translate into your home…Have the fireplace going, or calming music playing in the background.

Lastly make them EXCITED! When you see a great movie you always walk out of the theatre excited and you want to tell everyone how awesome that movie was. This is what you want people to do about your house. Instead of looking at your furniture as place holders, be selective in what you choose and more importantly what you are creating. Maybe you deck out a “Man Cave” in the basement. When the buyers tour 20-30 homes in a day your man cave is going to stick in their mind and make them so much more excited than seeing vibrant pillows on your sofa.

What else…


Connect with them emotionally! I know it sounds sappy but most people buy 3 homes in their life time. A starter home, the family home, and a house to down size in. That is not very many! For women they see these homes as the foundation that they build their families in and make so many memories in. It is an extremely emotional experience!


Make them curious to come out and see your home! With hundreds of houses in the Parade of Homes! Give them a teaser (2+2=??) It sounds silly, but never tell them the answer make them come figure it out!! With social media snap a pic of your living room and post it to Facebook or record a 5 second teaser video of your amazing master bathroom and place it on Twitter… But the ticket is to not show them a whole tour or all the photos just a few to make them curious enough to come see what else your home boasts!

Happy Staging!