Staging the Perfect Valentines Day!

Holiday Design Trends


I have found that I have more fun planning fun events and gifts during the smaller holidays…Probably because I have more time to do so (Christmas is so chaotic I am lucky if I put my shoes on the right feet) and it seems more exciting because they are more intimately celebrated holidays (usually between your close family and friends).

Tips…I generally come across my favorite pieces in the “non-holiday” aisles at my local craft/thrift stores when I am looking for new entertaining accents. So think out of the box and focus more on your colors, textures, and theme…if you end up in the toy aisle so be it!! (Or the Target Christmas Clearance Aisle…Guilty).

Sending a HAPPY HEART full of design inspiration your way!



Designer-Kristin RIeke

Designer-Kristin Rieke


Plate, Berries, Tree, Confetti, Fabric, Pinecones (handmade)