Christmas Place Setting Statements

Kristin Rieke Interior Designer


I am saying it…place settings can be daunting! But the easiest thing to remember is less is more…lots of clutter will get annoying!

I try to add just a piece or two that connects with each setting, name cards are great but overdone a lot of times (plus no one really likes being told where to sit). Think outside the box and whatever you are celebrating bring in items that create a mood that your guests can interact with! So in each design I added a tactile element (not just a decorative paper item) and changed out the ornaments on the plates to create different looks!

Design 1+2: Traditional/Rustic – I just swapped out ornaments to change the look but also tucked evergreen sprigs under the plate. (This looks amazing and it adds a great aroma)

Design 3: Modern – Again changed the ornament and added feathers to the mix….(who doesn’t love glitter and feathers?)

Have Fun!